DHCP server lost in 1.2.5->1.2.7 upgrade

Hello. Today I finally upgrade my vyos servers from version 1.2.5 to 1.2.7. It all went well except on the last one, curiously with the least complicated setup, just a few nat and dhcp static-mappings.
When in config mode, the “show service dhcp” had no data at all.
My only solution was to reboot e set 1.2.5 as the default boot option. All my other vyos seem to be working fine with dhcp. Has anyone experience a similar problem?
Thanks and regards

If you do load config.boot on 1.2.7, what are the errors? Could you copy the config an some 1.2.7 VM and try loading it?

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I had to set the previous boot version quickly as this vyos controls our office network. Couldn’t load the config manually. Apparently no errors when
show log dhcp
I’ll try to create a vm and load the config and post the results. Probably I’ll get errors, as I can only do this on another network with a different Ip addressment and VLAN.

Ok, so I found the problem. Using a VM, even on another network, after a few tries I was able to load DHCP. When loading the config.boot manually I saw an error with one static-mapping entry which mac-address was 0:0:0:1:1:1.
I guess I have been expecting for the printer owner to send me the correct address to register, but he never did and it has been offline for a long time.
So I guess VyOS 1.2.5 allows this but 1.2.7 doesn’t.
Thanks anyway.

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