DHCPv6 client configuration

Hi all,
I am trying to configure dhcpv6 client for SLAAC with DHCPv6 on my vyos router.
With SLAAC I do get ip address correctly from DHCPv6 server(CISCO router), but I am enable to receive other information from the server like DNS server.
I am using vyos version 1.2.0 rolling.

and after reading vyos wiki pages, I found I need to do following in order to achieve SLAAC

  1. set interface ethernet eth3 address dhcpv6
  2. set interface ethernet eth3 ipv6 address autoconf
  3. set system ipv6 disable-forwarding

after doing this, I can achieve ipv6 address on eth3, but can not get dns information.
I check /etc/resolve.conf file, which does not contain any dns information that I have configured on DHCPv6 server side.

I believe server configuration is ok since same server configuration works when I connect it to my linux or windows desktop.(It gets all dns information and domain name from server)

any suggestion or example will be welcome.

Thank you.