Digital ocean cloud network is not reachable after powering on after few days

Hi team,

I noticed this issue as I shutdown my vyos vm for few days and then started after after almost 1 week. However I then noticed that none of the interfaces are reachable even though I login through recovery console and see interface configuration is there. However neither I am able to reach internet nor intranet as well.

Has anyone noticed this issue before?

The digital ocean is not yet supported officially, so hard to say what is happens for sure
need to debug logs and see what is wrong. most likely new interfaces have other macs or something similar

Hi Team,

I see issue in macaddress. I have two interfaces on droplet. and when I ping the internal interface which is connected to vpc that is I see mac address of external interface
? ( at 5a:f4:e3:ab:33:b1 [ether] on eth1

while on that machine 5e:28:7b:7a:c5;90 5a:f4:e3:ab:33:b1

Ok resolved with hw-id command and rebooted the machine. That resolved the issue.

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