DMVPN Strange issue


I will start by sharing the initial problem and then maybe if needed I can share all the config because this does not sound any problem with config.

Key factor I think is that my WAN transport is already an IPSec tunnel between the two endpoints (SDWAN).

The problem we facing is that everything seems to be working fine minus a very limited amount of websites. Default route is being advertised on BGP as well so all internet goes via HUB. But in general we can ping everything. This is at a very early stage to say if everything else works because there is not much else. I’ve seen some weird behavior deploying other stuff so perhaps that traffic is also affected.

Example, Facebook works and Google does not work.

A pcap on the tunnel interface for the IP of the website in question showed that a lot of return traffic is missing.

I do not have any MTU or MSS changes.


Hi @rgomez, but IPSec has some overhead (MTU will not 1500) and you have to do MSS Clamping. I think you have to do MSS clamping on device with NAT

You mean on the device with NAT towards Internet?

I think I also have some between “branches” issues. So perhaps doing this on the tun0 interface would be better?

From the HUB all websites work fine.

Yes, defenetely on tun0 it will be better.

Sure, because not MTU changes for reason no tunnels for client directly connected to HUB router

Adjusting MSS value on tun0 interface indeed fixed the issue.

Thank you

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