DNS between VLANs on trusted internal eth adapter


I am new to using vyos but have successfully setup intervlan routing in my lab.

I have several vlans 50, 60, 70, etc and are all setup on vifs for a specific eth eth1.

I can join a domain, ping, rdp across all vlans but for some reason cannot query dns between vlans.

example dns server is on vlan 50. I can ping it but when I do an nslookup to it from say vlan 60 the dns server times out.

I am not understanding how to make all vlans on internal eth be able to trust each other and just route all traffic on all ports.

vifs are setup like

eth1.10, eth1.20, etc.

How can I pass all traffic for all vif networks off the same eth adapter.

nat is setup with eth0 as outbound and seems to work but the issue is with what I consider trusted traffic between networks on eth1.

Any help would be appreciated.


I see several views but no replies.

Thought I would post what resolved the issue after I got it working.

What I thought was a firewall issue was a routing issue. I had no static routes from my internet router back to these internal vlans. Once I added them for each vlan I was able to resolve dns and everything between vlans seems to be working just fine.


Hello, sorry for delay,
it’s just not really clear what exactly not working in your case, can you be more precise?
Do you have firewall, and if so, can you provide configuration.

Alternatively, you can setup dns forwarding too.

Depends on your needs of course