DNS Configuration local-data private-domain

Hello all. Checking all my options configured in PFSense before switching to Vyos. One thing I have is that in the Unbound resolver on PFSense, I have these custom server options:

private-domain: "plex.direct"
private-domain: "nr-local.net"
local-data: "_nfsv4idmapdomain IN TXT hfamly.com"
log-queries: yes

Are there equivalent settings in the DNS settings on Vyos?

Hi @jbhardman,

yes there is:

vyos@vyos# set service dns forwarding authoritative-domain foo.com records
Possible completions:
+> a                    "A" record
+> aaaa                 "AAAA" record
+> cname                "CNAME" record
+> mx                   "MX" record
+> naptr                "NAPTR" record
+> ptr                  "PTR" record
+> spf                  "SPF" record (type=SPF)
+> srv                  "SRV" record
+> txt                  "TXT" record

Thank you. Also after testing properly, looks like Rebind Protection is not enabled, so good there.

Last thing here, is there a way to log all queries? I found this online https://support.cpanel.net/hc/en-us/articles/1500013125141-How-to-enable-PowerDNS-s-incoming-DNS-query-logging-


Can’t find that setting in Vyos.

I ended up running pihole in a podman container and turned off the forwarder. Cool feature to setup containers right inside the config.