DNS forwarding problem on 1.2.0-rolling+201804180337

Hello there,

I found a (i think) misspelling error

i update from 1.2.0-rolling+201804130337 to 1.2.0-rolling+201804180337

the older version the dns forwarding interface show:

set service dns forwarding listen-on 'eth1'

On new version:

set service dns forwarding 'listen-on'

I try to delete this value and set it again, but not working it say that the variable is the ‘listen-on’

Of course in this version DNS service not working on clients so i rollback to the working image.

It is possible (i not check it) that able to rewrite the config “by hand”, but it is not a optimal way.

It’s bug, we in play migration to PowerDNS recursor so can take some time to polish
Thanks for report!
Will update you once new version available for test

Ok please write if we able to update Nightly.

play migration to PowerDNS recursor

It means that you will plan a DNS server? It is a really good idea!

I tested on V1.2.0-rolling+201804200337. After update the configuration node ‘service dns forwarding’ has disappeared from the config tree. I reconfigured this and the ‘listen on’-part is ok now.

It means this is the solution working?


about to write on it, please give a try

OK, the latest version is working well. Not need to add the DNS interface field again.

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