Does any one have any experience with Fastnetmon and vyos?

Hi Guys,

I am trying to implement vyos with fastnetmon, can anyone please share what topology should be adopted when integrating with Vyos? I understand fastnetmon has to be installed on separate server. In case vyos fastnetmon will be installed on same appliance?

Also what mitigation strategy should be adopted BGP or any other?

Fastnetmon already included in 1.3

set service ids ddos-protection

But if you expect a lot of traffic it is better to use it on a separate server.
Fastenetmon is a detection tool, not a protection. It can call a custom script with your logic.

I see. So this is a community edition of fastnetmon right? And any idea what would be the lot of traffic? I mean just example above 500Mb or 1Gb or more than 100Mb?

It is community edition. Try to test it.
It listen mirrored traffic on specific port. So you need to check your cpu/memory statistic with this feature and without it.

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