Does anyone know why 1.3.0 is detected as Other Linux 4.x by ESXI?

I have installed a custom build of 1.3 on esxi form the iso and for some unknown (to me at least) esxi seems to detech the os running as “Other linux 4.x”

I would have expected the install to be detected as Debian 10 or at least Other 5.x.

Does anyone with for vmware expirence than me know why that is?

Not really a problem in my homelab more like a curious observation.

Hello @Ulrik ,

When you create not deploy VM from OVA, you need to choose Guest type manually. It allows using NICs like VMXNET3 instead of E1000E.

Could you describe how exactly you create VM on ESXi?

Hi @Dmitry

I did not create the VM from the OVA i booted from my home build iso.

I create the VM a while ago (I think it was 1.2x and have since then installed multiple new images)

Then after one upgrade i noticed that esxi was warning that the VM type i had set (Debian 10) was not the system that was running and that i should choose Other linux 4.x which was what confused my because as far as i can tell 1.3 is based on kernel 5.x