Does vyos no longer include open-vm-tools?

Hello everyone
Open-vm-tools not found in the officially compiled 1.3 rolling version.Also not found in 1.2.4LTS I compiled myself.
So is it no longer included?
Although vmxnet3 is running normally, open-vm-tools is still needed.

There was a major messup due to not so well thought-out changes of one of the maintainers. I’ve pushed a dirty hotfix to crux, please rebuild and see if it works for you.

We are working on a new approach to platform-specific images that will be resistant to such issues, based on metapackages that you can enable or disable at ./configure time.

How was this not seen in between 1.2.4-epa and the 1.2.4 release? Is a hotfix/new version going to be released for this?

Problem solved, thanks!