Does Vyos support FCoE and FC?

I’m here because I saw an excellent vid on Youtube

discussing making a DIY switch.

What I’m hoping to do is make something similar to a Cisco 6248 or 6332 but quieter and using less power (and cheaper, as I only need a handful of ports). What I wish to do is control/read/write fiber-channel tape drives over a 10GBE ethernet network with FCoE.

Obviously, I need CNA HBA’s in my workstations and the DIY switch, as well as at least one FC (or “universal” card like a Brocade BR-1860) that will accept fiber tranceivers and “talk” to the tape drives using the FC protocol “unbundled” from the ethernet frames.

But when I go to the Vyos knowledgebase, and search for FCoE, I get no hits… or for FC, either.

So… can I use Vyos to bridge between 10GBE FCoE ethernet ports and 2/4/8/16G FC ports? Could someone steer me to the relevant documentation?



The short answer is no, VyOS does not support these kinds of networks.
VyOS is also ment as a router os, so it also for now have limited support for features found in switches etc…
The switch feature-set available is simple bridges that could be used as a simple switch in some cases. but be aware that there are limitations on the use of vlan’s inside these bridges.