Does vyos support user authorization and user accounting?

To support AAA(authentication, authorization and accounting) feature, does vyos support user authorization and user accounting? I can only see user authentication using local database, radius server and tacacs server.

Hello @Anamika1, VyOS supports AAA RADIUS.
As for TACACS, this is not implemented yet, but this task exists on the phabricator

About RADIUS configuration you can read by following link

Hello @Dmitry
Thanks for replying.
I wanted to ask if Vyos supports authorization like if I want I can restrict UserA to access certain set of commands and UserB to access all the commands. Something like different levels of users like root user, admin user, sysadmin, operator etc.
And also is there any mechanism by which I can know which commands UserA executed and at what time.

this is not supported currently

Thanks @syncer :slightly_smiling_face:

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