Download Mirror


Is there any way that we can go back to the mirror system?
The download servers are painfully slow… :frowning:

I know, I even contacted the owner to set up a mirror, we’re conected at Gigabit speed. But I received no reply :frowning:

I have tried to investigate that issue further.
It looks like the bad speed is not fully his fault. Just the routing is so bad, that the traffic from Spain? to Germany goes via US. Seems like Limelight Networks does a bad job.

However, mirroring would be in general the way to go, even if he fixes that routing issue.
It would save him traffic and we get a redundant way to access the images.

What do you think about it?

i think we will fix that later.
We tried mirrors once, but that not works, people just disappear, not maintain them, etc

Yea… That’s a problem, especially for small communities.
If you are interested, I could provide a tool, which automatically checks the “health” of the mirrors and removes inactive/dead once.

Or we could define some master mirrors provided by you, and just add the community mirrors as an optional way to download stuff.
So it would be less importat to keep that list up to date

I would volunteer to be a mirror in the US.

And I in Germany and Luxembourg :slight_smile:


Can we get the option to mirror the download site? I would be a mirror in the USA.
I would also help donate space as I have told @dmbaturin before years ago!

Has anyone thought about doing torrents like Ubuntu? I would be willing to share several of them in the Midwest US.

I think it’s a good idea to reintroduce mirrors when we start putting out monthly/quarterly rolling release images, but we indeed need a tool to check mirror health. @Mr_Funken, please tell us about your tool!

How about a VPS instance in Canada? I can offer one on a 1g pipe no problem.

@dmbaturin How much disk space do you need for a mirror+OS?