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Hello everyone.
This is an odd question, but I can’t seem to find the page for the “community” version of VyOS, for which I’ve been provided access for several years. I keep bouncing between and and I only see the links to the Rolling Release download.
What is download page?
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It’s this, which really is a GitHub release, so you can see all the releases here as well.

You can read to see details about LTS vs Nightly, how to get LTS, etc

Thanks for the reply.
Information at Installation — VyOS 1.4.x (sagitta) documentation
provided what I needed. To be honest I got a little confused. There is a, which supposedly is where to go for the “community” versions, but one has to go (the commercial site) to download.
A bit confusing, but it works.

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Vyos is not free any more the compiled ISOs are available for paid or subscribed users however you can build an ISO using github and/or docker image.

The nightly builds aka rolling edition are still available for free precompiled:

When it comes to licenses/subscriptions (in order to get the precompiled LTS versions) there is also:

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Yes but those are not stable and may have many more bugs

Only for new/added features.

They are more stable for already existing features which are bugfixed.

After all, a LTS version isnt more special then a specific rolling from a specific date.

It also appears the rolling releases are now based on the 1.5 branch, and there is no longer a shortcut link to vyos-rolling-latest.iso. Is it possible to provide a new URL that provides that functionality again?

I know there’s also work being done on a check for updates via show system updates; is there a possibility to add a hook there to check for the latest rolling?


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