Dropping SSH & RDP Sessions

Hello there.

I’ve integrated VyOS into a simple virtualized network and am having an odd issue.

The Hypervisor is Proxmox. I’ve deployed a VyOS VM from the latest ISO and configured it to act as the router between the virtual network and my home WiFi network. I have a Linux host inside the virtual network and a Windows host on my home WiFi network.

All the routes are set up correctly. I’m able to SSH from the Windows machine into the Linux machine, but after about a minute of being connected, the shell freezes and eventually crashes with the error “client_loop: send disconnect: Connection reset”. I’m able to SSH from the Windows machine into the VyOS router for an indefinite amount of time and the connection never drops.

The issue only happens when the VyOS router is in between the two systems, so I believe it’s the issue. The VyOS VM has 4GB of memory, 8 processors (the hypervisor has 96GB), and 4GB of storage allocated to it.

Any idea what the issue could be?

I’m happy to provide any more information as necessary. Thanks!

It would be good to know if when disconnections occurs, if you still have end to end connection. for example ping, and see if there a packet loss or high latency.