Dual WAN Loadbalancing with access to ospf routes

I have two internet links. I also have GRE tunnels using one. I run ospf and bgp to learn routes via those tunnels from multiple sites. I want to have load balancing as well as access networks learnt through ospf and bgp. Is there any way to fulfill my requirement?


ospf by default support ECMP , however BGP needs that you enable ECMP when you configure it.

I meant that when I enable dual wan loadbalancing immediately I cannot access ospf routes learnt over tunnels.

Try to exclude this routes from loadbalancing:

set load-balancing wan rule <number> destination address <route>
set load-balancing wan rule <number> exclude
set load-balancing wan rule <number> inbound-interface <your_inside_interface>

But those routes are dynamic. It is not possible to add them manually.

You probably use a policy for load balancing. (post your config)
Then, different route tables are used for routing on WAN1 and WAN2
However , learnt OSPF routes live in main route table, which isn’t used when LB policy is applied

Best of both worlds: Make sure policy routing doesn’t kick in for RFC1918 destinations. OSPF learnt routes are most likely RFC1918 addresses, so you end up with working OSPF routes and load-balancing internet access.

I know, but make it just for a test.
In my configuration (1.3), I must exclude ALL routes which should not go through default route. Even local routes from other interfaces.