Dual WAN with Netgear 4G failover

Hi, I’m trying to establish if it is possible to use our Netgear 4G router (M1/MR1100) in IP passthrough mode as a failover WAN, using these instructions as a guide (example 2).

As I see it, there are 2 possible issues with this:

  • The external IP address of the 4G modem periodically changes, meaning that defining a static route to a next-hop using an IP address is going to need adjusting whenever the upstream connection is refreshed
  • There is a quirk in the Netgear firmware that they have thus far not fixed where the IP address assigned via dhcp in passthrough is a /32 address, essentially putting the WAN NIC into a subnet of itself. The BSD based products I’ve used in the past have an option (‘supersede subnet-mask’) which instructs the WAN to adopt the IP address issued by the modem but use a subnet mask of your choosing, eg /28. Is there a similar option in Vyos?

Thoughts? Thanks!

I had a poor experience with the M1 some time back on EdgeOS that still doesn’t look to be solved. The IP passthrough is implemented in a very hacky manner which didn’t play very well.

I got rid of the device so never was able to test on Vyos, but something to be aware of if you’re seeing issues with connection stability.

More info here.


Hmm, yes I had read that… looks like Netgear might have finally acknowledged the issue by adding an ‘LTE subnet mask’ option to the newer M5, but I doubt they will make the effort to back-port it to the M1/M2 models.

I actually found the M1 to work exceptionally well with *sense routers, once the mask issue was dealt with on the router side.