ECMP recursive routing BGP



I’m trying to make a ECMP with OSPF and iBGP without success. I have as next-hop the loopback address, but does not happen balancing traffic. See the table of routes that only one route is installed to the announcement received by BGP.

show ip route:
O>* 187.X.A.A/32 [110/20] via 187.X.B.B, eth1, 10:46:13

  • via 187.X.C.C, eth0, 10:46:13
    B>* 187.X.X.X/20 [200/0] via 187.X.A.A (recursive via 187.X.B.B), 10:45:35

show ip route forward:
187.X.A.A proto zebra metric 20
nexthop via 187.X.B.B dev eth1 weight 1
nexthop via 187.X.C.C dev eth0 weight 1
187.X.X.X/20 via 187.X.B.B dev eth1 proto zebra



I think because iBGP and OSPF are different routing protocols, they have different metrics, so ECMP won’t apply. I think administrative distance and cost/metric must be the same for ECMP to work.