Edge-Core AS7512-32x

Attempting to load up up the nightly release of Vyos and get this error message on boot.
error: no suitable video mode found.
Booting in blind mode
Obviously i cannot get it to boot currently, sales person I spoke with said it’s supported on the 7512

Hello @Primant, did you try to change the console baud rate to 9600?

The AS7512-32x requests 115200, I can attempt to change it and see if that works, I believe I tested with and without eufi

On boot, VyOS is trying to change it to 9600 because there are defined in config by default.

with 9600 baud to the switch which normally requires 115200, i get garbage on the putty session

Did you try to change to 9600 after GRUB begins to boot?

gave a blank screen, tried it a couple times

i’m happy to join a zoom with you to get this working.

I’ve gotten it working, not sure if you’ve solved it or not, if you still need help, I can jump on a call and get yours setup too.

That would be awesome Kristian!