Enable google bbr3 congestion control module in the kernel

it’s time to move to bbr3

It also requires iproute2 patches that could be a bad idea.
Did you do real tests on VyOS?

no, I don’t think i can make it work on vyos without help from official dev support.

google already released iproute2 patch

iproute2 patches to support functionality in the BBRv3 source release

BBR just got merged to VyOS the other week so chill :wink:


Personally I think that the Linux LTS Kernel should be used in VyOS without modifications.

If BBRv3 is good (as in not bad and gets the approval by Linus and the other maintainers of the Linux kernel) it will eventually end up in the Linux kernel and then the next Linux LTS kernel.

It seems that what becomes the next LTS kernel is set to the stable that existed at the end of the year.