EoIP through Vyos NAT 1:1

hi, i have problem with Mikrotik EoIP tunel through vyos router NAT 1:1
my rule in vyos is:
1161 any saddr to 185.19.x.x
proto-all sport ANY
1161 any daddr 185.19.x.x to
proto-all dport ANY

185.19.x.x is nated to the Mikrotik router
the second Mikrotik has static public IP.

mikrotik 185.19.x x -> vyos NAT -> second mikrotik

when i create IP IP tunel, everythink is ok. EoIP dont working…

vyos version is 1.1.8
in version 1.20 is problem same

is there any solution?
thanks B.


Please provide network diagram and routers’ configs for better problem understanding.

Oleksandr Mamenko