Equivalent of iproute2 "peer" directive regarding addresses?


Using iproute2, you can use “ip addr add XXXXX peer YYYY dev ZZZ” to specify the address of the remote endpoint, for example using an ULA :

   peer ADDRESS
          the address of the remote endpoint for pointopoint
          interfaces.  Again, the ADDRESS may be followed by a slash
          and a decimal number, encoding the network prefix length.
          If a peer address is specified, the local address cannot
          have a prefix length. The network prefix is associated
          with the peer rather than with the local address.

(from ip-address(8) - Linux manual page)

Is there a way to do the same thing using VyOS configuration options?



Could you explain what its purpose is? is ? because i understand that if you configure it you can’t enable to set local-prefix length.

I also wondered about purpose.
This peer IP resembles /32 peer IP received on a ppp link using auto-negotiation.
It learns /32 peer IP, although I never needed it for anything