Error building ISO 1.3

I am trying to create an ISO 1.3 today and I get the following error:
…The following signatures were invalid: EXPKEYSIG 1B0C6205FD380FBB PowerDNS…

A search clears it up:
FD380FBB-pub.asc certificate has expired on June 7th

I guess it’s time to update the vyos/vyos-build image in DockerHub?
Is this true?
Or there is a workaround?

same error here. no idea how to fix

You can relatively easily build the docker image yourself. To save myself some grief, I always build a fresh docker image, then the vyos-1x package, then the ISO all at the same time.


any clue how to make my own docker, boz I build iso from github action

update the key: curl -sS > vyos-build/data/live-build-config/archives/pdns.key.chroot


Thank you very much. It works.
The problem is not with the DockerHub image, but with the github vyos-build repository.
But it would be better if such patches were not required.


Please waiting for merge

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