Error creating new user in VyOS



In VyOS 1.1.7 I want to create a new login user:

set system login user test full-name "Test" set system login user test authentication plaintext-password password set system login user test level admin
after commit I get the following error:

usermod: cannot lock /etc/passwd; try again later. Attempt to change user test failed: can´t update password file failed Commit failed
I can try again later but same error. This router is running without changes for min 1year on Hyper-V, but now this problem occures.

for the existing users I get the following error on the console while booting this router:

With ‘load’ and ‘compare’ I see the section ‘system login’ could not applied (same error).

What could be the reason?



Found the solution, had do delete the lock files once:

sudo rm /etc/passwd.lock sudo rm /etc/shadow.lock sudo rm /etc/group.lock sudo rm /etc/gshadow.lock