Error in VyOS QoS documentation (incl. the old Vyatta 6.x docs)

the error’s confirmed by support and should be corrected in the official readthedocs-manual soon.

Since I’m probably not the only one who occasionally uses the old Vyatta 6.x docs for reference i also post the error here. The Vyatta traffic shaper documentation states: “priority: The priority with which this traffic class should be allocated extra bandwidth. The range is 0 to 7, where the lower the number the lower the priority. The default is 0”

That is incorrect and the order’s actually the other way round - priority 0 is the highest priority and gets serviced first, 7 is lowest priority and gets serviced last.


Hi foxit-eu,

Thank you very much for letting us know, you are right. Soon we will fix that error and modify some other things of that section. We will also document HFSC properly.



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