Error while saving config

Saving configuration to ‘/config/config.boot’…
File exists and is not a Vyatta configuration file, aborting save!

What’s wrong with that?

I’ve had this before and what I had to do was ash I to the Vyos box, delete the boot.conf file, the save the running config and that fixed my issue. As always, make sure you have a backup just in case. No idea why this happens but it’s easy enough to fix.

Hi @hexes, every VyOS configuration file has special strings at the end of the config.boot file to be identified by the system. In VyOS 1.2.6 for example the end of the file looks like this:

/* Warning: Do not remove the following line. */

/* === vyatta-config-version: "wanloadbalance@3:ntp@1:webgui@1:dhcp-server@5:pptp@1:webproxy@2:quagga@6:qos@1:firewall@5:ssh@1:dhcp-relay@2:config-management@1:l2tp@1:dns-forwarding@1:ipsec@5:cluster@1:system@9:conntrack-sync@1:conntrack@1:snmp@1:mdns@1:nat@4:webproxy@1:broadcast-relay@1:vrrp@2:zone-policy@1" === */

/* Release version: 1.2.6 */

Based on the version, you can find this by checking config.boot file of the freshly installed system and use it in your custom configuration file.

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