Failover Question (VRRP+BGP)


Dear Forum,

I want to ask about the best practice (maybe just another topology is suitable) for my problem:

1 x dumb vlan switch (no ospf/bgp available)

2 x vyos routers with vrrp, both connected to the switch (eth0) and both connected to BGP upstream (eth1)

The servers (virtual machine hosts) get a single connected main IP like the following:

interface ethernet eth0 vif 10 vrrp vrrp-group 10 virtual-address #first host server
interface ethernet eth0 vif 20 vrrp vrrp-group 20 virtual-address #second host server

virtual machine IPs should be floating across those vlans by this configuration:

protocol static route blackhole <- blackhole to be able to announce it by BGP
protocol static route next-hop #vhost 100 at moment on host 1
protocol static route next-hop #vhost 200 at moment on host 2

In the event of failure of eth0 on vyos router1, there is no path between the router and the connected vhost.

But still the router would send the route of the vhosts to the BGP neighbor, effectively blocking the failover szenario.

Thanks for enlightment!