Feature request: Autocomplete in policy route rule x set table / does not show the tables created in the static protocols


I’ve been working with policy based routing and had great success, however, one very annoying thing, is after creating static route table:

set protocols

static {
     table 100 {
         route {
             interface wg0 {

and then configuring a policy route to use that table

set policy route wg rule 100 set table [clicking TAB to autocomplete] show only ‘main’ and not the created tables (in this case table 100).

also, if I want to set it to table ‘main’, then typing letter ‘m’ and clicking TAB, does not auto complete.

VyOS version I’m using is: 1.4-rolling-202209220743

hopefully the bug is clear and can be patched easily.

I would love to submit it to phabricator, but my account is not yet approved, which I hope someone can help with that as well.

Thanks All

It is not a bug it is feature request :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for clarifying, still new and will be more careful in future.