Feature Request: Meta expression pkttype support for firewall rules


Would it be possible to add support for nftables meta expression “pkttype” for firewall rules? This would come in handy for some rules I’d like to implement.

nftables man page reference:
Table 29. Meta expression specific types
pkt_type – Packet type: host (addressed to local host), broadcast (to all), multicast (to group), other (addressed to another host).


Possible usage example:

        rule 31 {
            action accept
            destination {
                port 22
            protocol tcp
            pkttype host
            state {
                new enable

In addition to this, I wonder if some other meta expressions might be very useful for VyOS. For example, iface_type, to match any/all interfaces of a given type (ether, ppp, loopback, etc).

Thanks for reading!


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