Finally managed to build arm64 1.4 iso

I finally managed to build my arm64 iso and thought I’d document at a high level so that
a) devs are aware of bits that are breaking
b) users can figure out procedure and hopefully reproduce.
(this was on an bookworm arm64 vm running latest docker image, btw
Basically I:
a) commented out “vyos-xe-guest-utilities” is data/build-flavors/iso.toml
b) figure out how to do a git pull of the corresponding Owamp (4.4.6) and telegraf (release-1.28) trees so that the could create an arm64 .deb in the vyos/packages directory.
c) did an apt install of chrony and fuse-overlay-fs
d) curl-ed python3-vici_5.9.8-1_all.deb from repositories/sagitta/pool/main/v/vici •

Bit long winded, but got there in the end.

Hope this helps, thanks for Vyos!


Amazing news @benbgg ! Thanks for posting your findings for the community, appreciate you.

Unfortunately, as the surgeon said:
The operation was a success, but the patient died.
Something’s wrong with the boot setup - I get a message about reading the EFI config block and then EFI exits … and that’s it.

Mounted my last working ISO alongside the one I built to see if I can spot the difference.

Should mention “last working one I built” is actually using GitHub - mcbridematt/vyos-build: VyOS image build scripts - which works OK but seemed to be missing some bpf libraries(?)