Find out which rule is affected by the migration


i have a config file with over 150 rules.
when i load this config file from version 1.2 to the latest 1.4 version.

I got only this hint, but which rule is affected?

in vyos-migrate.log stand nothing which rule are effected.

`vyos@vyos-migrate# commit
[ firewall ]
Protocol must be defined if specifying a port or port-group

[[firewall]] failed
Commit failed

check rules you have defined which cotains source/destination ports, but no protocol defined.
You can also share config here and we can help you

I cannot share the config file, that where be a violent of the company policy.

Then I must go line for line to find the rule that is affected.

Maybe hidden sensitive data? For example:

show config comm | grep fire | strip-private