First 1.4 monthly snapshot


when do you plan to release the first montly snapshot for 1.4?

I’m now running on 1.4-rolling-202101171022 nightly build and I was planning to switch to a monthly snapshot but I think that the last available is actually older than my current version.


Mmmh… nothing? :sweat_smile:

Hello @Matwolf, why you need exactly 1.4 snapshots? We have this for 1.3

Hi @Dmitry, because I thought I would need a 1.4 snapshot to upgrade from a 1.4 nightly, as mentioned before.


It no makes sense for snapshots 1.4
So features that work fine/tested in the rolling 1.4 are migrated to the 1.3 release.
This helps make version 1.3 more stable.

Ok, now that I understand that the 1.4 is not intended for monthly snapshots, let me rephrase the question:

Can I upgrade my 1.4-rolling-202101171022 to a 1.3 monthly snapshot?

If yes, can I use the current 1.3-rolling-202101 snapshot or do I have to wait for the 1.3-rolling-202102 snapshot? (I don’t know if that snapshot was released before or after the nightly I’m running on)

If I do have to wait for the 202102 one, when will it be released? (Not knowing when the January snapshot was released, I cannot predict when the February one will be released)


In the end I just snapshotted my VM and tried to migrate it from 1.4-rolling-202101171022 to 1.3-rolling-202101.

Seems like all went ok.

Thanks anyway