Flow-Accounting not working on rolling release

Hi All,

I am currently doing some testing with the current rolling release, and one of those tests is to enable flow-accounting on a couple of interfaces, and send that data to a NetFlow collection server. I’ve enabled flow accounting, but whenever I so a ‘show flow-accounting’ all the counters are zero.

This is on a PPPoE server interface - the interface itself isn’t assigned an IP - but the PPPoE server is running on this interface and is assigning addresses from it.

Any ideas?


Hello @leacho
I try reproduce this bug.
Can you answer, do you use nat for pppoe?

Hi @Viacheslav,

The current setup I have currently is a PPPoE Connection on Eth0 - which connects to the internet.

I then run a PPPoE Server on Eth1 - which dishes out addresses to my internal PPPoE clients. The eth1 interface itself does not have an IP address, as the IP is set in the PPPoE server config. The addresses that are assigned to the client are routable, so there is no further NAT out of the router.

I have enabled flow-accounting on both the external PPPoE client interface (eth0) and the PPPoE server interface (eth1) - and I am seeing zero packets on both.


Hi @Viacheslav - did you manage to re-create this issue?

Hello @leacho
I reproduced this scheme and counters was zero.
I’m create bug report at https://phabricator.vyos.net/T1838

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Hi @Viacheslav - glad it wasn’t just me! - thanks for sorting out the bug report!