Flow accounting using netflow

I have configured flow accounting on my vyos.

vyos@vyos# show system flow-accounting
interface eth0
netflow {
engine-id 5
server {
version 9
I am pinging this system from another system. I have tried doing ssh on this system but still I can’t see anything in the show command.
vyos@vyos# show system flow-accounting interface eth0
I am sure I am doing something silly… Can anyone please help?

It looks like in your example above, you’re running a show command on the config, i.e. show me this chunk of configuration.

If you commit your config, then type exit to revert back to operational mode, what does “show flow-accounting” give you then?

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Thanks for your reply @tjh. It worked :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great to hear! Have fun using Vyos.

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