Flush DHCP leases

what is the correct way to flush DHCP leases (even if not expired)?

Thank you

clear dhcp
Possible completions:
lease Clear the DHCP lease for a specific IP address
leases Clear all DHCP leases

In what mode (operator, config, or root) are you supposed to run this command? I have ran ‘clear dhcp lease ip xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx’ in every mode, but all I see is my screen clear out, as if I was simply doing ‘sudo clear’. (Oh, and when I do it only in operator mode, it just returns an invalid command on clear.)

Was that an older vyatta command? I see the following on current Vyos:

reset dhcp server 
Possible completions:
  lease         Reset the DHCP lease for a specific IP address
  leases        Reset all DHCP leases

This is no longer possible, from what I understand. With the new CLI shell, a wrapper is still needed to tell the underlying dhcpd to perform that function. A ticket was created, but not yet implemented.

It does not possible to implement without “crutches”, some time ago we discussed OMAPI, but it does not allow us to delete the target lease. Maybe in this case use “crutches” will be the single solution