Force reboot at login screen where only access is remote serial console

I upgraded to the nightly from 20231004 and upon reboot of the first router it’s just showing “localhost login:” and then “Password and Verification code”

However when I type in the correct credentials, it just asks for a single “password” which is preventing me from logging in.
I also tries the default vyos vyos, but not sure if there’s a new default verification code…

At any rate, I only have serial access to this router because the primary router is still online. Is there any way to force the router to reboot without getting physical access?

Fixed in 2023-10-05 so try that or later:


ok, horrible luck…It appears I am actually already on 1.5-rolling-202310050022 even though it was still 10/04 in my timezone

But is there a way to trigger a reboot over serial from login?

Grub is being used so I think you should be able to bail out to the grub shell in the boot menu and from there do a reboot?

The issue is it’s at the login screen, and I can ask remote hands to reboot it, but I’m struggling with the logistics of getting them to reboot it and being able to interact with grub before it autoboots

going forward, i will set the working release as default and interact with grub to select the new release, but I’m still kind of stuck unless there’s a key-combo at the login screen to trigger reboot over serial

Well there is this setting in the config but I dont think its default:

set system option ctrl-alt-delete 'reboot'

Then you can just connect a keyboard over USB and press ctrl+alt+delete to reboot it (dunno how that works over serial - anyone else who might know?). For example having a KVM over IP as a out of band solution.

Other than that perhaps investing in a remotely administrated PDU would be handy (so you can SSH to it to powercycle the VyOS remotely)?

Other option is to have some kind of out of band mgmt where you can use encrypted VPN over the cellular network or so and from there reach the ILO of the device and/or the above remotely administrated PDU (and by that be able to powercycle the VyOS box)?

Opengear is common as such solution (among others): Product Selector - Opengear

I guess I should get the PDU now, my slice of the cabinet is just powered by a dumb PDU.

I had a workable solution because I have two routers on the edge that also connect to the serial console. But I’ve never had an issue like this before, I’ve rolled back a bad config plenty of times without remote hands.