Fresh install of vyos not routing properly



I’m new to vyos. I have set up a VM with vyos to use as a core router, but it does not route as expected. I have set up 3 interfaces to route between.

[code]vyos@vyos:~$ show interfaces
Codes: S - State, L - Link, u - Up, D - Down, A - Admin Down
Interface IP Address S/L Description

eth0 u/u INT10
eth1 u/u PROVIDER
eth2 u/u VM2
lo u/u

I tried to paste an image of the topology or link to one here because a picture explains more than 1000 words. Was not that easy. Here’s the link to it:

Local firewalls are off.

Here’s the config:

vyos@vyos:~$ sh conf interfaces { ethernet eth0 { address description INT10 duplex auto hw-id xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:19 smp_affinity auto speed auto } ethernet eth1 { address description PROVIDER duplex auto hw-id xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:1c smp_affinity auto speed auto } ethernet eth2 { address description VM2 duplex auto hw-id xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:2b smp_affinity auto speed auto } loopback lo { } } protocols { static { route { next-hop { distance 1 } } } } service { ssh { port 22 } } system { config-management { commit-revisions 20 } console { device ttyS0 { speed 9600 } } host-name vyos login { user vyos { authentication { encrypted-password plaintext-password } level admin } } name-server ntp { server { } server { } server { } } package { auto-sync 1 repository community { components main distribution helium password url username "" } } syslog { global { facility all { level notice } facility protocols { level debug } } } time-zone UTC } vyos@vyos:~$


you don´t have nat rules, so it will not work
you need to nat to eth1 ip as per diagram


Thanks. I am trying to specifically do routing only, no FW and no NAT. I was under the impression that vyos could be set up as a routing only platform. Is that not so?


I think you missing idea of how it works
you can’t route private nets to public internet, you need nat


I apologize for not being clear in my explanation.
I am routing between internal networks, not to the internet.

I already have a firewall w/NAT for that. That would be the “route next-hop distance 1”. So of course i want the subnets to access internet via the default GW, but that is an entirely different device (pfsense) connected to the subnet.

Under no circumstances does the vyos router ever come into direct contact with the ISP modem, as i am sure you can see from the sketch.

We have a similar setup at work, only using Cisco cat 4500x
But then, i’m not the switching/routing guy at work… I’m just the devops guy… :wink:


Sounds like something on the pfsense box.
Do you have a source NAT rule for in pfsense?
Sorry, I don’t remember where you set that.
If B can ping GW, then routing should be set correctly.