From MAS500 architecture can we pullout vyos firewall as we have pfsense firewall which takes care of traffic management

Hi Team,
I am from Maritime-Devops team working for MAS500. As part of MAS500 Architecture I have one query.
We have two firewalls in MAS500 namely vyos and pfsense.
On highlevel overview, Vyos is considered as Viasat side firewall and pfsense is considered as Customer side firewall.
Now my question is, can we isolate/remove vyos from MAS500 architecture as pfsense will take of all firewall and traffic related functionalities w.r.t mas500. Why to use two firewalls in one architecture.

I need some inputs on this from people who knows about Vyos and its purpose in MAS500.

I need to understand the clear difference between vyos and pfsense the way it works for mas500.
Also, Please share any related forum/blog/links which helps to understand vyos importance in mas500 and how it differs with pfsense


I would start by reading the documentation on and the documentation for pfsense. Then you can look at how the products are used in your architecture and see if functionality can be transferred.

It is impossible for outsiders to say anything useful about your architecture and the use of pfsense and vyos in it.

For me, pfsense is more a corporate firewall with all its filtering features and vyos is more datacenter centered with its routing and firewalling. Though you can exchange them, it’s a matter of taste.

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