Get Open VPN User Stats


I have a vyatta/vyos device at a customers office configured with dial in user openvpn. Its all working great. If I run “show openvpn server-status”. I get a list of connected users, connected since etc. I want to try and log this info to an external system as the device has a small flash card so I had to disable logging on the device. My ideas are configure a syslog server in aws or similar, use curl to post the output of the command to a webhook url and parse the data into a web app. Has anyone got any info that could help me do this. The first problem I hit is I don’t know the full command “show openvpn server-status” so I can run it outside the vyos cli.

Any info that might help much appreciated :slight_smile:

Borrowing thread, this should also be exposed to SNMP, if possible :slight_smile: