Getting started on the Simple Web UI

I think a simple web UI would make VyOS a lot easier for people coming from pFsense and it’s clicky clicky brethren to transition to.

I’m interested in helping put one together. If you’d like to help or just weigh in in on what the underlying webstack should be, design choices, or the priority of features please drop a line here or over on the slack #vyos-simple-ui channel.

Thanks :vulcan_salute:

One of request was integrated CLI access which kind of i want too

I’ve seen appliances which just provide some sort of a webshell which behaves like you are connected via SSH - except copy/paste is mostl not working.

I think this is nice, too for debugging things.

CLI in browser seems like a good place to start!

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EdgeOS does this fairly well, and has the simple UI for basic network addressing/NAT/service functions.

Also a “tree browser” to show and edit the current config.

As well as a CLI shell with localised copy and paste.

Should very much explore these and see what we do and dont like about them.

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A pure CLI in browser seems nothing more than a poorer version of ssh.

Something like the EdgeOS “tree browser” seems like a more useful foundation for having a UI and a “state” representation in HTTP/JS.

Where as a web cli is just an exercise in ssh emulation over web sockets.

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:+1: for a tree browser.

The early JWeb implementations had this and it was valuable for on-boarding inexperienced engineers.

Having a visual representation of command/function hierachy (regardless of it being available to them in the CLI) really helped them solidify their understanding of the OS.