Getting the serial console to work.


I’ve been using Vyatta/VyOS as a virtual platform for several years now, and am currently testing it out as a physical device. The system I’m running on has four Ethernet and one COM port an I’m wanting to deploy VyOS as a “headless” system. Using the GRUB “Serial console” boot option, I’m able to see the system boot up via the serial port. Unfortunately though, I can’t seem to login to the system from teh terminal as no serial input appears to be recognized by VyOS.

Is there something I need to do to make the serial console interactive?




afaik, bios cmdline option will get you bootup sequence, and in init, serial should be considered as a tty to listen on.
As example, see:



So this was totally not an issue with VyOS, but an unexpected pinout on the COM port of the system. A good amount of trial and error and I got it working.