Github sagitta branch is not buildable?

i was tring to build iso from sagitta branch from github source. but it failed.

Sorry to hear it failed on you.
To help the right people debug the issue, it would be good to see the commands you used at each step and the log you got when it failed.

E: there is more than one kernel image file installed!
E: please make sure that kernel_version in data/defaults.toml is up to date
E: if your repository is up to date, then there is a bug
I: Executing update-initramfs -c -k 6.1.54-amd64-vyos
Extra argument '6.1.55-amd64-vyos'

Usage: update-initramfs {-c|-d|-u} [-k version] [-v] [-b directory]

 -k version	Specify kernel version or 'all'
 -c		Create a new initramfs
 -u		Update an existing initramfs
 -d		Remove an existing initramfs
 -b directory	Set alternate boot directory
 -v		Be verbose

See update-initramfs(8) for further details.

E: config/hooks/live/17-gen_initramfs.chroot failed (exit non-zero). You should check for errors.
E: An unexpected failure occurred, exiting...

Thanks that’s good but to be really helpful, it would be great to see every step you’re running, right from the start.

All you’ve posted is the output of… some command we can’t see.

I build it from GitHub action. it will install current kernel from vyos repo, but version definition in sagitta is 6.1.54. That’s why it failed.

fixe by this commit


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