GRE-BRIDGE in VyOS 1.3.0epa3 could not make it work

When I ping from PC-01 to PC-02 its not working.
I can see arp on RTR-02 asking for PC-02 mac address. But why not ping works, is thee any thing I am missing.

PC-01 is connected on RTR-01 eth4 | PC-02 is connected on RTR-02 eth4
RTR-01 & RTR-02 is connected on using ETH3

Widen focus:
Packet can also be blocked by firewall on PC2 itself.

PC2 and PC1 are vyos routers in gns3 :slight_smile: Is the configuration correct ? if yes then it might be another bug .

Recreate gre tunnels
Or try stable or latest rolling