GRO, software? Cannot apply?

Hi all,

I am trying to get offloading to work; in the manual, it mentions GRO is a software implementation, yet if I enable GRO (or at least try to), I get an error showing it’s not supported. This seems odd, as if it’s software-based, I’d think it’d apply to all NIC’s without issue. My interface is an ix (Intel X540 T2). If I show the enabled options for offload, it says it’s set to enabled, yet also off. I assume I’m missing something or the documents aren’t up to date. I’m on the latest 1.5 rolling. I appreciate any feedback!



What does ethtool -k give you? Every line with fixed means it can not be changed as its unsupported by NIC driver/Kernel/ASIC

It’s confusing because the docs say it’s a purely software function, am I using the wrong offload?