Group has not been defined


After a reboot, I encounter some issues with my vyos firewall (1.1.7). I had to delete a file in /tmp and vyos didn’t load properly his config file. I solved most of the issues but I still have a network group that doesn’t work properly ; I can’t add it into a rule because when committing I receive the message :

[ firewall name WAN-IN rule 1323 source group network-group NET-HOME ] Group [NET-HOME] has not been defined.

Creating a new group with a new name but containing the same network allow me to create my rule but I don’t understand why my group isn’t see has valid. It’s look all right with “show configuration command”, it’s available in CLI auto-completion but I’m maybe missing something.
Is there a way to clean maybe some cache file or do something to ensure that VyOs run properly ?

Thank you for your help

hard to tell anything without config

Check to see if you didn’t mix up address- and network-groups