Happy VyOS 1.4.0-epa1 day!

Its finally happening…

Hello, Community!

We are happy to announce that the VyOS 1.4.0-epa1 image is now available to customers and contributors (and everyone can build it from the sagitta branch of vyos-build, of course)! If you are new to VyOS, the “EPA” part means “early production access” — that’s the final stage when the release is already used in production by a subset of users and on our proper infrastructure. We declare it as a new Long Term Support release. This release has been in development since early 2022 and offers a large number of new features, plus some redesigns and removals.


Good post and good release!

Out of curiosity, is the planned web GUI included in this release?

Hi @hanisirfan no it is not.

any changelog there?

the latest entries are from january 2024