Hardware for 25G fiber connection?


Having chance to have a 25G symetrical fiber connection, I’m looking for some hardware able to handle it properly. Right now I’m using a DEC730 router based on OPNSense but it handles 6/7G max painfully :frowning:
Is there any hardware able to handle such speeds with VyOS ? without being an insane price also :wink:




I tested vyos today in our lab with offloading enabled, I was able to achieve 23 Gbit with a single iperf3 stream. Without offloading only 4 Gbit was possible. I used an 8 core VM on an Esxi host and I think a small Ryzen with a Broadcom P225P would be sufficient.

I agree, especially for enterprise, various performance comparisons and hardware recommendations should be available. Lanner/Scope7 could be the perfect hardware for that.

I would like to deploy vyos in our five data centers, but can’t estimate what speeds could be achieved.


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I agree.

I think it would be nice if on the official https://vyos.io page there would be a performance matrix where a specific config (so one can see if software/hardware flowtable is enabled, VPP enabled/disabled, wireguard threading enable/disabled, which offloading options are enabled and which cpu, ram and nic’s are being used along wtih VyOS-version tested) have been used and then running iperf and others (imix?) through the VyOS boxes (also what the testclients themselves have used as hardware and software - preferly something like livebooting Ubuntu 23.04 or so).

Im thinking something like the metrics available at DEC4200 Series – OPNsense® Enterprise & Datacenter Rack Security Appliance – OPNsense® Shop

Note that above is for current version of OPNsense which means FreeBDS 13.2 (which is different from the Linux LTS kernel 6.1.55 VyOS 1.5-rolling is currently using).


Good suggestion. It would actually be easy for the Vyos team to at least create the charts for the major cloud providers.

Opnsense is a good example! There is certainly also the possibility to team up with Scope7 or another vendor to create test setups. Scope7 offers many appliances for open source including Opnsense, FRR Routing and FlexiWAN.

If there was a sample configuration or test scenario, even Vyos users could provide performance metrics and results and grow the database.



Hi @Apachez!

I hope you had a good weekend. Thank you for your suggestion! Implementing a performance matrix on our official VyOS website is an interesting idea, and I understand how it could be valuable for our users.

I’ll forward your suggestions to our internal team for consideration.

Have a nice day!


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Which specific types of offloading did you enable? Did you experiment anything with flow table offloading?