Hardware Issue (ODroid H3+)

Let me preface and say I’m still semi-new to the whole nightly concept. As far as I understand you have to just keep trying until one works.

Tried the last two versions, but I’m getting a kernal panic on both. Hardware is the default odroid h3+, and has been running an older 1.4 version for some time now.

My hope was to upgrade to 1.5, as we’ve been having some minor issues with DHCP and DNS and wanted to see if that would fix it, but I just keep getting a kernal panic.

Sorry for not translating this into text, but here’s the image. Ultimately I’m not familiar with kernal panics other than something went catastrophically wrong. But the 1.4 worked without issue, so I’m not sure where the issue arose to try to attempt a different version.

Any recommendations or suggestions would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Verify that the bios/firmware of the motherboard is the latest stable (if that can be updated).

You can also try to boot the device with basically everything except the screen disconnected, and if that works boot with the screen + keyboard and so on. When using keyboard try different usb-slots in case one of the connectors might be broke (and/or different keyboard).

Another test since 1.5-rolling is based on Debian12 (bookworm) but with latest stable Linux kernel (custom compile) is to create a bootdrive with installation of Debian12 (bookworm) for that board and boot from that and see if that too panics.

This way we can find out if its a hardware malfunction or if its more likely some module or setting of the custom Linux kernel which VyOS is using.

I already tried multiple USBs and ports on it, and the only devices connected were keyboard and monitor.

However i’ve never considered the bios for some reason, there is two new updates so i’ll update to the latest and see what happens.

Gonna be honest i’ve updated kernal manually but never in an iso before. Seems easy enough, so i’ll give it a try as well to see how it turns out.

Unfortunately my maintenance window has already passed so i’ll have to aim for tomorrow morning but that gave me a lot of recommendations to try so thanks!

My best bet would be an issue with reading back the EEE registers of the Realtek r8169 driver.

Is there a moment when you have access to the system? Then please edit /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/vyos/ethtool.py and change

_drivers_without_eee = ['vmxnet3', 'virtio_net', 'xen_netfront', 'hv_netvsc']


_drivers_without_eee = ['vmxnet3', 'virtio_net', 'xen_netfront', 'hv_netvsc', 'r8169']

In addition please follow ⚓ T6152 Kernel panic for ZimaBoard 232 which will be the main resource now for this issue. I think you might be affected, too


Thanks for the help! Apologies it took me so long to verify, but i have confirmed this morning that we are up and running. All that is needed now to do tomorrow is port the config from 1.4 to the new 1.5 which i was told I can use the save/load commands to do so.

Again i want to thank you for the help!

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