Hardware required for handle 2 Lakh PPPOE clients


Please let me know the hardware requirement for 2 Lakh PPPoE clients.

  • no NAT
  • very low bandwidth per user (Maximum 50kbps per user)

Hi @Adarsh_H could you please explain, do you want to serve 200k clients only 1 physical HW?

Hi, @Dmitry We prefer to have in single physical HW, also we can consider multiple HW clusters if they do not work in a single physical HW

It is pretty strange to hear the similar requirements. The first thing to serve clients you must have HA, that means you must have at least 2 HW routers. In general it is possible with 40g NIC like X/XL710 or melanox and CPU around 12 real cores with frequency 3+ GHz. Without ipv6 it will require RAM around 48-64 Gb.

Hi, @Dmitry Thank you for your quick response, we will go for HA.

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