Hardware spec for 10 Gbps wire speed IPv4 routing


I am looking for help to understand a suitable physical hardware spec for a 2 port 10 Gbps router?

Is wire speed IPv4 inter-VLAN routing possible and if so, up to what packet size?

I will have approx. 10 VLANs on each of the ports, using VLAN tagging.

Simple static routing is preferred over OSPF or BGP.

What should I be looking at in terms of:

  1. CPU (# cores / core speed / features)
  2. Memory
  3. NIC features (offload/etc) - Are there any 10 Gbps NIC’s to avoid?
  4. Storage (assuming minimal for OS boot)

Many Thanks

I would say all reasonable hardware would give you 10Gbit wire speed.

I have an intel Silver 4210 (overkill) with 128G memory (even more overkill) a four port XL710 an just the smallest SSD I could find.

10Gbit is no problem at all as long as the packet size is >100 bytes.

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Thank you @roedie.

Your spec is a bit more than I was planning on :astonished:

I will start with a 4/8 core E5-2600 v3 with 32GB and see what happens.


I have been doing 10gbit on a E5-2650 with 16G. No problems there.


Cool. I have an E5-2690 v3 and 32GB so I can test this. Thanks again.